Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Serendipity... Pheeeww!

The other day, while going through a word list (I do it once every two months or so, when I suddenly realize how important it is for me to crack a CAT or XAT!), I came across a very beautiful word. Though I knew what the word means, I just couldn’t skip it & read the next word. I got lost in an ocean of memories (sounds melodramatic, but never mind)… & the word cramming exercise ended with that.

The word was "serendipity". Though you may know what it means, let me still tell you. Dictionary says serendipity is “good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries “

I couldn’t help feeling amazed that there are so many moments that I cherish; that are the best things to happen to me & all of them are but serendipity or ‘nature’s controversy in my favor’

Two of my ‘best friends’ (I was a hard-core believer of the ‘we-must-have-a-best-friend’ concept till quite sometime back) in school were not even friends till I and a friend of mine, happened to spend a night with them (Ahem!) in a night camp. Our beds were next to each others. While all other girls in the hall had slept, we four notorious creatures were far from sleeping. And so, we couldn’t help talking to each other. And voila! We clicked instantly & became the best of friends... We were together by chance in the camp & we decided to remain so by will.

& my dearest-of-dear, my soul mate… Again I met him randomly, purely by chance on orkut. Though we didn’t became the best-of-friends on orkut or yahoo (we became close, thanks to a common friend :)-- but that’s how I met him…Purely by chance!

Okay, I am not here intending to narrate my autobiography, but, the whole point that I am trying to put across is that almost all the great things that happen to us are chance events… Miracles of nature… Isn’t it?


sigmund said...

Randomness is an illusion you think? I sometimes am struck by the "coincidences" or synchronicity or serendipity...just as you say , it makes me wonder..

Bhawna said...

"By chance" is d most consistent thing...

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Well, the movie "Serendipity" is a beautiful take on this word... I can never forget this word as it helped me go through my IIM-B interview smoothly... Do see the movie, it's worth watching twice in case you have already seen it once :)