Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Perhaps, one of the many flaws in my personality is that I AM NOT SPONTANEOUS. My brain refuses to think, if asked to, at a short notice. I can think and come up with convincing crap for any x, y, z topic under the sun, if given appropriate time. But give me a crunch deadline & I become shaky.

To add to my woes is the irony that I can’t even fake this one. One can pretend to be sincere or honest or hardworking or even intelligent (if thought of intelligently :D)… But spontaneity… No you just can’t pretend to be one. If you are not… you’ll be caught!

But I believe this entire concept of spontaneity goes against many “virtues”… For instance, “hard work”. You gotta agree that it’s a quality that helps our wicked colleagues survive in the office place… They may have done nothing in the project, the entire work may be ours… But they know how to cover it up before their seniors & bosses. They are lazy, stupid, wicked & mean. But unfortunately their spontaneity helps them sail through.

Spontaneity can kill “honesty”. It is very much a quality that helps you ace through in exams sans all the toil of cramming. Yeah… If you are spontaneous you may not know the answer, but you can certainly make a better guess and you can certainly & surely cheat well!

I thus can surely claim that at any cost spontaneity is not a virtue. It may not be a vice, but its far from being a virtue.

But doesn’t matter whether it"s a virtue or vice, this trait is sought after, recognized & appreciated. Spontaneous people are considered witty, sharp & intelligent.
The exams of the like of CAT openly claim to be testing spontaneity in pupil. A strategy before hand is surely gonna spell doom for you in such papers. (Add to my sorrows… I am also a CAT aspirant.)

This is the irony. Spontaneity may not be a virtue. But it does helps the many spontaneous (read “lucky”) people. And for many like me, lack of it, is just an unfair competitive disadvantage.

Any guru mantras for the not-so-spontaneous people???


Sugandha said...

Either no1 is spontaneous enough to comment or no is willing to even comment on the not-so-spontaneous :|

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

See, spontaneity is neither a virtue nor a vice... And as far as CAT goes, a plan is essential no matter what... It many not be too exact like saying Verbal-Quant-DI but atleast one needs to know which section one is strong/weak in... That wil be a big help and then based on paper one can decide what to do and how to proceed... Without adjustment, there is no use of spontaniety...

And ya, CAT is moving more towards logic and application rather than speed.. so the spontaneous ones - beware...