Monday, July 14, 2008

Maane Tu... Maane tu ya maane naa

What do you do when a movie gets a 4 star rating? Of course, you go watch it! But what to do when 45 mins into the movie, you cant help realizing that even though you are "trying hard" but you are just "not able to enjoy it"?

This is exactly what happened to me when I went to see this much appreciated and talked about movie… 'Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Naa'.

Come'on the movie has to be good. Your friends liked it! Its every where – on the critic's good books, on your fav blogs, and even on your friend's Gtalk status messages!

What's wrong with me? Why didn't I like it? Neither am I a serious movie critic, nor do I regularly come up with 'the-other-side-of-the-story' kind of views. I am not even a 50 year old aunty averse to college kids romancing (or am I?).

But I can't help concluding that this 1 is certainly an over rated movie. I'll tell you why, and bare with me 'coz every1 is entitled to his/her opinion.

~ For one, the movie is all about parties, parties and more parties. Each scene is either a disc party or at the most a picnic. The farewell party, followed by 'the hero meets the other gal in a party'; followed by 'the heroine and the other guy chill out in a party'; followed by 'the hero, heroine, other boy, other gal meet in a party'. And the parents cutely asking each time "Beta, how was the party?"

Can you digest this? I mean are just-out-of-college kids only partying all the time?

~ Ok, I am not averse to the old bollywood theme – "best friends eventually fall in love". But please there could be and there should be better ways to tell this. If an alien watches this movie, he'll certainly feel that that college kids are the most unproductive species on earth. They lavishly consume everything – from alcohol, to awesome 5 star food to fancy clothes and stuff. But they do nothing. They seem to be just wild, irresponsible, party animals!!!

Some people on imbd even called this movie the "Dil Chata hain" of 2008! What!!?

Ok even DCH was about young, rich, confused people. But the movie did justice to all the characters. Even the funny characters like Saif got a chance to showcase their story and they were not present in the movie just to get their legs pulled. But the Bombs, Rotlu and Jiggy in this 1 were just either standing behind the main leads or cracking a silly odd joke.

And there was some meaning and substance in the story of DCH. The characters weren't just partying all the time; they were also shown doing some sort of productive non-party stuff (like real people in real life do). In fact, the movie Lakshya (yeah, that Hrithik starrer) was more meaningful that this 1.

Maybe, I just hate movies that potray people in their early 20's as useless and confused. Ok, young people do fall in love (a lot actually!). But there's more to their life than just being confused about which guy/ gal to chose and which 1 to dump.

~ Finally, a word on Genelia. I agree that she is goodlooking (in a flashy way). But she goes overboard in her silly, desperate attempts to look extra cute. Doesn't she constantly remind of Jab we met's Kareena? And for those who find her bubbly, please watch Dil Se (For Ms. Zinta) or 50 first dates (For Ms. Barrymore) to see how soberly a heroine can look vivacious, cute, funny and lovable without over doing it!

Ok, the movie was not totally trash. There were some good things too. Like the disclaimer in the beginning: "All characters in this movie are fictitious. Resemablance to any person, living or dead is totally impossible".

But yes, on a more serious note, some stuff was actually good. Like some comic tit bits were nice. They did make you smile. Prateik Babbar (the heroine's brother) was the show stealer. Even Imraan Khan was nice. Gentle and fresh, so to say. The seasoned actors – Nasserudin Shah, Kitu Gidwani, Ratna P Shah – all of them played their parts to perfection (as always).

But yet I really cant give this movie a 4 star rating. Its definitely not in that A++ league (yeah, the league of Dil Chahta Hain or Jaane bhi do yaaron) as some people say. What say?


Prat Mitt said...

New age kids Gen Y, surely have more time for disc and parties given that their parents are rich. Probably u lost track of story in noticing details of parties. Read on to know career path of each character:
- Aditi's parents were willing to accept Jai any day.
- Ample evidence present in movie that her parents were rich-whenever new industry comes up, her father establishes it. Jab aise saas-sasoor/ best friends k parents ho to kya tension. So there goes career worries of Jai. And that's the reason why he was waiting for a good marketing job ;)
- Aditi-baapu ka sponsored MS mil hi raha hai(warna kaun aise 75k ka plane ticket ek gaana sunkar cancel kar deta hai..good knows kiya bhi cancel ya nahi)
- Bongs - she was a proven nincompoop, Rotlu is world for her.
- Rotlu- He already told us in one scene Rotlu tells Jiggi to keep track of balance, he will pay back when employed. Means he was looking for job-its not crime to party with friends when you don't have job. He had Bongs with him - so Bhaad mein jaye duniya (including you :P)
- Jignesh- As told above, at least had paisa n didn't worried of job meaning two possibilities - either family business or already secured job after college. Plus, Gujju bhai so kinda implied lotsa paisa,birthday par baapu ne ghar par badi si party karva di.

That reminds me of one thing - The main song - Jaane Tu ya Jaane na...
originally was sung by a brother for her sister (movie - Hare Rama Hare Krishna)

Sugandha said...

Well Prat, I am not really concerned with each character's career path :D
Just that its a bit odd how so many ppl are finding this movie all that great & path-breaking, when it is only about the rich, young kids partying. Substantiate on the substance part of the film (if any).

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

I didn't see the movie yet, but I have been always suspicious of high rating movies (after my "American Beauty" fiasco, where I didn't know how the hell did it get an Oscar)...

Now on a more serious note, kids today have more time to party and enjoy, but you cannot capture their life in just a 3 hr movie, right? And to that idiot in IMDB: It is not another DCH for God's sake - DCH is incomparable!

I think the movie was made for the masses - for the fun-loving public to have their fun and for the non-fun-loving public to just enjoy sone songs and dance and comedy...

P.S. Please Genelia ko kuch mat kehna yaar, she is one of my favorite actresses... I have seen her in many south movies and liked them... However, in the only Hindi movie I saw of her (The one with Akshaye Khanna released recently, she over-acted a lot)... I think Bollywood directors are trying to make her act like that, else she is a natural gem and cute actress... For reference, check out "Sye" and "Boys" in Telugu...

Anonymous said...

I am a huge huge huge movie buff but limit myself to non-bollywood .....that puts me out of lotsa social circles.....and when people ask me the answer is simple

"I dont understand Hindi movies,yaar"