Friday, August 8, 2008

NewsPapers (Cant think of a better title)

Okay, 2 things that we all need early in the morning are: a cup of hot tea and a crisp newspaper. The former may not be a major problem, but the latter certainly is. At least I find it so…

When I was in school I was forced to read Times of India, as our school was an NIE (Newspaper-in-education) member. It was compulsory for us to purchase the subsidized and edited version of ToI. This was the same ToI but had none of ToI’s USPs like Delhi Times and other A-rated material.

In early college days, bored of ToI, I switched to Hindustan Times for a while. But within a short period I learnt that ToI and HT are both liberal (read insignificant) newspapers. They are full of errors; including, but not limited to, grammatical errors [citations needed ;-)].

Being a part of the great Indian CAT-XAT herd, I must read some intellectual, heavy weight stuff like the Hindu.

Okay, so I switched to the Hindu. But frankly, whenever this paper publishes anything other than purely information, I can’t help but disagree majorly with the content. I realized this during the 2006 abti-OBC reservation protests, in which this newspaper had all editorials almost exclusively taking the pro-reservation stand point. [In the name of citations, no links to anti-merit stuff will be provided. If you cannot give us our due seats, we cannot give you your due links]

Yet, putting all my love for “youth for equality” aside and exercising tolerance I continue to read Hindu as I am still a part of the CAT-XAT herd.

And so, every 2nd or 3rd day, I read an editorial in our national newspaper which really makes me say “oh-really, you think we readers can buy anything in the name of editorial?” The portrayal of Mayawati as the goddess-to-watch-out-for, Left as ideologically superior-est (source: any page on and poor Dalai Lama as a puppet of so-called Western democracy & the wealthy beneficiary of a superstitious and feudal system.
Agreed that this newspaper doesn't seem to have huge commercial interestes. Instead it is likely that it has other bigger vested interests [citations majorly needed].

And yeah, I do read ‘Economics Time’ and occasionally stuff like ‘The Mint’ too. But these for me are only bizpapers (spare me for such super BROAD generalizations). But can any1 suggest a really balanced news paper, which refrains from taking biased one-sided views? By the way, how is ‘The Indian Express’?

PS: Dear ‘The Hindu’ & my readers (if any) - please note that these are totally and only my views and please take them as just an expression of freedom of speech.
Exercise restraint in case you beg to differ :-)
World Peace!!!!


Prat Mitt said...

try reading Nannhi Kaliyan...although it does not cover the various topics covered by ToI, Et etc..but still whatever is written is written true.

Good post

Sugandha said...

I prefer Champak... Its cheaper & cuter :-)

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Regarding the Indian Express

I found it quite better as compared to the Hindu. The Hindu and TOI seems to go opposite ways but the Indian Express looks better as it seems to give views that are concordant with mine (Meaning: It looks good!)

However, a lot of my thinking was developed thanks to the Hindu as it delved deep into some social issues that papers like TOI never dare to touch so deeply. I suggest a Indian Express - Frontline combo. It certainly helps to have a second opinion too :)

LoneRanger said...

I do not understand why you perceive liberal newspapers as insignificant. For a self professed liberal like me, I think they (can vouch for TOI as haven't read a lot of HT) are highly informative and much needed to stem the tide of intolerance sweeping the country.

Sugandha said...

Ohh I absolutely agree that "liberal papers" are extremely insightful too (besides being brilliantly colorful :P)... But then, this is how academia generally looks at these papers - as commercial entities without heavy weight journalism... Thats why the CAT herd cannot rely on these papers alone :|