Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Time for Fun.. Time to Hunt a Woman

A group of guys want to have a little fun after a game of cricket.. what better than hunting down a woman? After all, women are god’s creation for his favorite creation – man.

If you think I am a crazy feminist, please rethink, because I am only writing down the facts.. since this is exactly what is happening in Noida and NCR. Men are hunting down women. (source, source, source)

And the headlines are not “girl abducted & gangraped” but “another girl abducted & gangraped”. Yes, it’s just another story.

But I am sure that we will soon get a great analysis of these 3 incidents. We will be told that some of the girls were being too adventurous – a girl going home from school at 2 in the afternoon – isn’t that being adventurous in a country where men have a Talibanistic attitude towards women? Other girls were too skimpily dressed (esp, if they are university girls).

Some intellectuals will also reason that this is a reaction to female empowerment and women taking up positions meant for men . Don’t you know there were no rapes when women were confined to households? It’s only in modern times since Indra Gandhi became the PM of the nation & Indra Nooyi a business tyoon, that poor men who couldn’t take it, started retorting in this manner (you can find such great reasoning on my previous posts only!).

The simple fact is that we may have moved from bullock carts to motor cars or mandis to malls; but our attitude towards women is essentially the same – they are still commodities like cattle which need to be guarded by their masters all the time, else no point cribbing if something of this sort happens.

These pieces of news which shook me (and am sure many more) yesterday - got a 5 minute coverage on major news channels, except one English channel where 2 women were debating the loopholes of the system. Let me bullet their points here:

-Most men (whether educated or not) treat women as objects
-Police is not responsible and responsive
-Lack of political will to reform the system
-The society traumatizes the victim and not the accuse
-Judiciary is rigid and slow.
-Women do not voice their opinion.

Blah, blah, blah…. I don’t think these points serve any purpose excepting in writing essays for college exams. The real reason is that God made a big mistake while creating men & women. He made the more lecherous species also the more powerful one. And if this was not enough; he made physically weaker species also the child-bearing one.
Just Some shocking statistics that make you feel that to hope that things will change is to hope against hope… Do you know that at least 1 in 6 women is sexually assaulted or raped in her lifetime and less than 40% cases are reported to the Police worldwide, with less than 6% of the rapists ever spending a night in jail!!! (source)

“Shame: Rape is India’s fastest growing crime” (Hindustan Times, Jan 2008)
“Its official: India 3rd worst offender in rape cases” (Indian Express, Dec 2008)
“Tourists Beware - India, a Major Rape Destination” (Search India, Dec 2008)
“How often does sexual assault occur” (Rape and Incest National Network, US)


maruti said...

Why do feminists crib so much. Men look at women as sexual objects, live with it. If you want their respect earn it, dont demand it.

Women talk so vehemently about rape, how about the legal terrorism of Section 498A? Why that short-sightedness.

Women in general love to crib and feel pity for themselves and blame men for their incompetence.

Go check the statistics for the life expectancy of men and women all around the world. On an average, a woman lives 5 years more than a man. But we still complain about how men are destroying women's life.

In the history of human civilization, all the great leaders, warriors, scientists, poets are men, yeah there were a few women, but they can be termed as exceptions rather than the norm. And if being subdued was the reason for the lack of any women in those areas, why were subdued in the first place? Because they are the weaker sex, both physically and mentally. So stop trying to flatter your ego by showing self pity.

Swati said...

You are an educated man... but it is really sad that despite your education and knowledge you have such a bad attitude towards women...

I will not say that women are better than men. Ok, they are physically and mentally weaker than men. Men are more talented, more powerful and more blessed. But does this power gives men the license to rape and humiliate women????

And if it does, then no point ever asking for democracy and social security and other such funny things... Any1 who is stronger and more powerful has the right to destroy the weaker person. Let the rule of jungle prevail!!!

And if we go by your logic soon the world would be a big jungle, where white men would be killing blacks, rich killing poor, and men raping and killing women. Afterall the powerful have all the right.

Go & first humiliate the women in ur family... charity begins at home...

Varun Reddy Sevva said...

Sorry I read this piece a bit late. Crimes on women are not increasing now-a-days - their reporting has increased manifold. I am a anti-feminist and whatever my educational background may tell, I always felt that women are better-off at home. But it's their choice and nothing should be imposed on anyone.

I have seen my mom slog it out with me and her work - she could have easily left her work or left me, but she juggled both. She is a superwomen. My dad respects her for that even now and so do I. He finally forced her to retire because he felt she couldn't handle the pressure.

Women are the future of the country. those that commit these crimes mist surely come from broken homes where their mom did not raise them well. For me, the modern women is no more the superwomen because modern women easily give up their personal lives for their careers - to prove to certain idiots that they can do "better than men" - Why? Aren't women the mentally stronger of the sexes? Do they need to prove anything to anyone but themselves?

Why does a snake attack a human - Is it because it is afraid of the human or does it want to prove a "point" that it is the stronger species? Work has always been the male domain and women took over that too... Obviously men are frightened over the prospect of losing a job to a woman (and don't tell me women get no advantage at job interviews because I have seen it happen with my own eyes that they do, and it's men who give them the advantage).

God gave men men much greater sexual desire than women? How can you measure that - by the number of rapes that take place? Rape has been taking place in many forms - even in the domestic sense - from a long time. It is certainly inhuman and completely unjustifiable. But women are not certainly the weaker sex, they feel that they are weak because of the conditioning over the ages. The modern woman just doesn't have the guts to fight back - if she does, nothing can beat her for sure... Fight back and then see how many men will support your cause more than women ever will. Because every human being - man or woman - wants to live in a safe and civilized society...

Anonymous said...

I agree with maruti for one point only that girls crib alot....

Rest everything he has written is absolute crap....Its really sad to see such people exists and have dare to put forward the logic on this sensitive issue...

Guys,Its not debate on "movie reviews / cricket etc" that you start reasoning out...Its a heinous crime which has no justification....

P.S:- i am not feminist.

Pradyot said...

"what is happening in Noida"

I always knew Noida was unsafe! Gurgaon rules!! :P

Rahul said...

hey..sorry for joining in so late but just came across this post...n m completely with u sugandha..wen u write that the society has been degenerated to an extent where women are treated as objects(although it is changing a bit now! but the progress is way too slow..)..and some men are like savages hunting for them...but it wud be wrong to say that the all men are like dat!..nyways to each his own..but yup..what u have written is pretty impressive..and as harsh as it may is to some extent true!

TerminatROY'S salvation said...

Sugi..I only wanna say that women in general are not satisfied with what they have..and more often than not, they still want to be treated differently when they r competing with men on the same racing racing field..!!

I can cite numerous day to day examples of women who get into seductive acts with thr immediate bosses for promotion..and yes, before I forget..they spoil the workplace with thr gossiping !! even u wld agree to that ( although I HAV ALWAYS FOUND U DIFFERENT !)

Rape is a henious crime and nothing can justify its occurrance !It should have examplary punishment.This is one thing that tarnishes the image of males irreparably !! It is upto the males who r the stronger species to ensure that women feel safe in soceity..!

But having said that..isnt it also the duty of women to have a moral code of conduct on how they present themselves in public?..I mean she is the one who would be a mom and we all know that for a kid nobody in the world is as close as its mom! no matter how much the dad takes responsibility,a kid always looks upto the mom for support and ideals..its natural and no amount of legislation can change that !

Also there has been a latest trend where women think they r more competent than men r and publicly say so...I find this as an invitation to trouble for women themselves ! You know its not about pinpointing the other sex for incompetence...competence is not gender dependant and this happens to be a biologically fact, so instead of getting into such ugly games at the workplace and home..modern women should realize that it is the dad, the brother, the husband which completes them as a daughter, sister and has nothing to do with feminism or competence..they should earn their share of respect as well..just because they r physically capable of bearing a child does not make them regarded as mothers and be a reverred figure..!!

Mother is a higher word and being good at it takes more than cribbing and having a condescending outlook towards males..!