Tuesday, April 28, 2009

IIM L-oving it

So here’s a news - I am joining IIML finally after years of falling in love with the ‘CAT’.
Suddenly everything is looking beautifully colorful (notice the new blog header :P).

You can say that an IIM (that too an L,I,K) is not a big deal. IIML is not the best B-school with the best placements. Intellectuals don’t behave like that; they don’t write such crappy posts on their IIM admits on their blogs. Why are u so insanely happy? Why??

I say “screw you”. I am loving it totally & here’s why:

One, I want to be happy in life. I want success not for the sake of success but for the sake of happiness. If I cannot be happy with an IIML after 2 years of tears and toil, I can never be happy. Wotsay?

Two, there is nothing like a best business school or a best college. People call some schools (generally their own schools :P) the best, just to boost their false egos. Every place has something unique that no other place has, right? Right! For instance IIML has the best reptiles ;-)

Coutesy & Credits to http://itsmeadi.blogspot.com/2006/10/wildlife-of-iim-lucknow.html

Three, I am happy to be back to my home town again. I know some1 who loves me madly is waiting eagerly for me… My Grandmother it is :) :) I chose IIML over any A/B/C school, any day :P
& Last but not the least, I will be an MBA 2 years down the line (most probably or so I hope). Yeah, no1 will call me a "mediocre" now; instead I'll be a "mediocre-but-arrogant". yay!!

P.S: I thought I wouldn’t do "this" to my blog. I never wanted my blog to be a personal diary, but I guess we all like to talk about ourselves :-)


Anonymous said...

Go, enjoy with your reptiles :P

Sugandha said...

thanks! :P gearing up for that

Vinod_Sharma said...

Congratulations Sugandha. It is an achievement that many will envy, no matter they might say. Enjoy the moment and remember that what is more important than getting to IIM(L)is what you do with tools that you pick up in the two years there.

Perhaps I should caution you about one thing...the correlation that you are seeing with happiness is actually in the mind mostly. For some it stays. Hope it does for you! God bless.

Sugandha said...

Thanks Sir. I'll be cautiously happy as I move to IIML coz its an opportunity, not a destination :-)

Prat Mitt said...

Badhai ho!

God bless you

RK said...

You scared me!!! I have a huge phobia for reptiles :( :(

Gaurav Dixit said...

be it the wildlife or the grueling schedule, IIM L is d place to be in any day :)