Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Look back

Look back at the journey,
just once in a while
Look back at the journey,
a thousand moments, endearing or vile...

Keyed out a new abode,
but lost myself in the journey
Collecting pebbles in holy elixir
- the ultimate anserine irony?

Look back at the journey,
drop a tear & smile
Look back at the journey,
but move on... just that one long far away mile...

Somewhere inside I deeply miss you all the time... But no regrets!


Prat Mitt said...

There is a message in every line,
The day you have written this is 09.09.09

Maverick said...

My serendipitous ways continue! And I don't mind when I get to see something this worthy. Your work is well written.

Sugandha said...

Prat - nice poetry from u 2 :D

Maverick - Glad u liked it. Your poems are beautiful btw:)

A S said...

nice is all about moving forward :)

IIM ka Sarkari Babu said...

wow..didn't know u even do poetry!

Maverick said...

No work after 09.09.09! I hope your inner voice is alive and kicking!! :)

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Ashish said...