Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some Confusion Here!!

Let me admit, I am confused... I don’t understand the so many pointless things that I do these days... & I just want to reflect upon these mundane things over a ho-hum Diwali night.

I am confused b’coz I am actually anxious about the summer placements in my school, when I know for a fact that the process doesn’t ‘places’ most of the people, but ‘misplaces’ them. In fact, the process of placements at a B-school is so similar to that scene in b’day parties where a dozen toffees are thrown abruptly over a group of kids who just grab what they can without caring about which candy they really want.

I am confused b’coz I don’t know why I calculate the intrinsic value & market value of a bond to take that buy or sell decision, when I can do that same thing by just glancing at the interest rates in most cases.

I am confused b’coz I wonder why I have to sit through these Economics classes when I have done all that before. I fail to feel inspired by what I find to be too trivial & bookish.

I am confused. But chuck it!


Prajeesh Jayaram L said...

I can't agree more.

Prat Mitt said...

Can't agree more with you,
This is a rat race...and yes you know that everyone here will remain a rat no matter where he/she will end up.

One recruiter herself said that watever you will study here for two years will not be useful in relax, let the things unfold...summers is just an experience, see the experience you have is of your liking once you have it :)

Ashu said...

Hota hai, hota hai :)

Anonymous said...

We sd have a more elaborate discussion on this when you are here!! However, summarizing you are bang on and even if you realize the uselessness of it all- dont worry, because most probably your recruiter also has a b school degree!!

Anurag Singh said...

My views are exactly the same.