Monday, July 19, 2010

Rankings for Rankings?

How many times have we come across bizarre institutes & companies getting bizarre rankings in bizarre surveys? Surveys that spin our head, leave us cranky with a “what the ...” murmur.
For one, I am sure you have seen a zillion such surveys before that dare to think beyond IIMs & IIFT & XLRI & IITs & FMS & ISB & every other school that has some credibility...
Well, B-school rankings may be an old & cold issue now but think of it, there are so many categories of goods & services where we have no idea of the product before hand and we tend to trust the rankings blindly. Rankings of hotels, schools, companies, gadgets, etc. The list is endless.

My take on this issue:
  • Any organization that has revenue dependency on a particular company should not be allowed to rate that company or the players in that particular industry
  • There should definitely be a public agency that throws light on the methodology, scores and analysis adopted by these *enlightening* & *unconventional* surveys
  • There should be a public survey to rank ranking agencies (for "consumer rights protection")


Narendra said...

Good thought. Opinions on your takes:

1. It is just like any other activity by the modern media such as a news channel supporting a political organization or interviews of celebrities on bombay times or bangalore times, just when their movie is about to release etc etc. Vested interests in businesses are difficult to remove, though transparency is good for the larger section of the society.

2. After the RBI giving away its PLR system ( the one job which it was performing well ) to the banks to determine their own base rates: Was it liberalization or public agency being lazy (sarcasm). Public agencies in India again have their own vested interests barring some good ones like SEBI

3. This sounds good, but who will validate the survey.

Looks like freedom of speech has opened up new avenues for businesses and lots of people are making money at the cost of innocent peoples careers.

Sugandha said...

Hey Narendra, "profound thoughts", thats a blog on its own ;-) thank you for stopping by :)

And I agree it'll be difficult to monitor the monitoring survey!

Thyagu said...

Honorable thoughts.

Not only monitoring will be difficult, but monitoring committee (especially if a govt run one) will open up new avenues for corruption.

BTW, surely anyone who wants to do an MBA will not look up to these rankings are their primary source of information. Thanks to the internet (yes, I'm a techie!), there is enough information online to help out the innocent souls.

Anurag Singh said...

Just like the credit rating agencies which depend on their income from the corporates whose debt they rate.

Alex said...

One of the worst surveys is the India Today one of best colleges. Loyola usually tops Arts, Science and Commerce! That so untrue!