Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Vows

I have decided! 2012 will be a happy year. And my only new year resolution is that I will be happy.

Oh yes, did I share it here on this page that happiness is a choice. Indeed it is. I will not hesitate to be happy because 'I want to save for 2050' or because 'I want to look anorexic' or because 'I want to pretend that I don't care, when in fact I do'. Yes, I will do anything and everything that makes me happy. Here's my laundry list:

I will shop, shop and shop...
I will watch a movie every weekend & have a beer party every Friday \m/
I will get that handsome German Shepherd I always fancied. No second thoughts this year!
I will talk, laugh and spend most of my time with the people I like, whether they like it or not :P
I will keep my bag ready all the time & go on all possible trips (& I will get my passport back from the Passport Office :X)
I will eat butter chicken, chilly chicken, tandoori chicken, kadhai chicken, chettinaad chicken & any other possible form of chicken. Slurp!

Clearly and thankfully my happiness is merely my own choice.
So, happy new year folks :)


unconfigured said...

Call me, invite me when you're at no. 2 and no. 6 - better club the two of them together, chettinad chicken with draught beer! Haah!

Good resolutions....carry them forward. Taking a cue from my alma mater, I'm contemplating to mandate 80% attendance requirement for happiness this year. Otherwise, my life would suffer a grade-drop! :)

Sugandha Srivastava said...

Yes surely, just come over every weekend to Gurgaon.. This beer party plan is a pan-Nokia MT thing :D

Priyanka said...

Chicken and Beer i will not do.. rest, I am happy u have learnt a lot from me ;) ..:) good good.

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